Consumer Health Products Canada’s Export Certificates

CHP Canada’s export certificates help businesses export NHPs, OTCs, medical devices and low-risk veterinary health products overseas. We offer the following types of certificates:

  • International Trade Certificates for Natural Health products (NHP)

  • International Trade Certificates for Good manufacturing processes for NHPs (GMP),

  • International Trade Certificates for Export Only NHPs;

  • Certificates of Free Sale for NHPs, OTCs, medical devices (CFS) and low risk veterinary health products (CFS) .

For more information on what certificate best suits your needs, see our Questions Page

We are the only export certificate provider with an online storefront that offers our customers the ability to maintain your own secure database of products and sites, making reorders fast and simple. Enter your products and site information only once, which is permanently saved on your profile. Reorder certificates with a few simple clicks!